Friday, December 29, 2006

Why I think I got In

(The Above is not Paris)

But anyway, a lot of better qualified people will probably scratch their heads and think why is this girl with a less than 700 GMAT, less than 2 yr working experience got into UCLA ?

I'll try to explain to my best knowledge :

1. I'm a reapplicant and I took the one year to make my application stronger :
1.1. I applied in 2005, worked extra hard for my #1 family essay. I spoke from the truth about my family and how it had shaped me as a person. My parents are pretty unique in some ways and it made me develop certain traits as a person ( ie. always trying to strike a balance in life ). Was waitlisted last year. I emailed the Admission Direction for International student and some others but didn't get too far and was rejected in the end.
1.2 While reapplying in 2006, I went to The MBA Tour and Anderson Information Session. I met the Admission Director for International student in person and started talking about how to make my application stronger. He didn't really remember me but at the end of e day, he looked at my file and suggested some tips for me :
1.2.a. UCLA likes me but I lack the working experience ( I graduated in Sept 05, applied in Dec 05 )
1.2.b. Try to write more on professional work in my reapplicant essay and get professional recommendations this time
1.3. Tried to make my GMAT better but didn't work. My math improved, my verbal dropped. What to do? Life goes on

2. I have a clear career goals in life. I took the one year off to really think about what my goals are in life. I want to be an entrepreneur in the future. I rationalize what kind of short term career goal I should aim to get and within 10 years I'll most probably be in Indonesia. I guess having a clear career goal and showing that I'm actually working towards achieving it helps.. UCLA actually has a specific club that matched my long term goal so I talk abous joining this club/fellowship while in UCLA.

3. Diversity :
3.1 I'm from a 3rd world country : Indonesia. I'm a girl. ( Some people says that help, but I don't know ). For UCLA, they take into consideration that English is not my first language so they give me a break for not performing like other locals in GMAT verbal.

3.2. I studied in Indonesia til I was 16. Got a scholarship to study in Singapore for high school. Came to UCLA for undergrad after that with 1 yr credit. Finished up my Bachelor in 2 years.

4. Extracurricular : some leadership skills from clubs in Singapore and US.

5. My interview on October 2nd actually went pretty well. I'll write about that later on.

Hope this helps :) Anymore questions, shoot me a comment

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Top 5 Books for MBA Applicants

Top 5 Books for MBA Applicants
From Karen Schweitzer,

Preparing for business school is a huge event for any MBA applicant. There are currently many different books available to help make the experience easier. Here are the top five books for MBA applicants.
1) Peterson’s MBA Programs 2006
This is a great book for anyone who is researching MBA Programs. Containing information on more than 3,900 MBA programs at 1,000 different institutions, this definitive guide has everything an MBA applicant needs to choose the best MBA school.

2) Official Guide for GMAT Review
Every MBA applicant needs to prepare for the GMAT. Written by the actual administrators of the GMAT, this book contains 800 questions (and answers) from actual GMAT exams. The guide covers all of the exam subjects and makes an excellent foundation for exam preparation.

3) The Vault MBA Career Bible
The Vault has created many different business guides. In the MBA Career Bible, you’ll find information on all of the different career paths that are available to MBA students.

4) The Wetfeet Insider Guide to Industries and Careers for MBAs
This guide is great for MBA applicants. It covers 19 different industries and 10 different career functions, with current salary ranges and overall job prospects. You can also learn more about more about the top ranked companies and common MBA career paths.

5) Official MBA Handbook 2006
The most recent edition of the MBA handbook has been updated to include more information about the MBA degree, choosing an MBA program, taking the GMAT, and financing your MBA. This book will come in handy for any MBA applicant.

Now.. That's the kind of brown my kitchen will have..

Beard Papa Cream Puff = 220 calories

NO WAY??? Look at the delicious, crispy puffs with the vanilla fillings.. And you tell me it's only 220 calories.. Hell! I can afford to eat two at once then...

Check this out and tell me I'm wrong : Serving size says 2 3/4 oz which I assume is ONE whole puff.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Still In Disbelief State

Good thing tomorrow morning ( at 3 am ) I'm going to mammoth for a snowboarding trip with a couple of friends..

I must say I'm not a big fan of snow activities, but wth I should go for vacation. Just good timing :)

Went to had dinner at BOA steak house.. Not so good steak, I like Morton's better..

But still very excited..... Keep on thinking that this may not be true.. Now I should think about my priorities in case I get into the other B schools.. columbia? haas? stern? ucla?


Anyway.. I went home from the dinner and found that I had forgotten, and put my landlord's xmas present at my door handle.. Paris, then tore out the paper bag, ate my $2.5o a piece oh so good Teuscher chocolate.... all four of them with CHAMPAGNE inside of them..

Chocolate is toxic for dogs btw... Don't know about the champagne part.. Ahh.. well

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

And that's all

Just when I thought I would be rejected by Anderson
Just when I thought I may have to re-re-apply again next year
This marks an end to my one plus year of worrying, doubting, trying..

No Freaking Way... I got into Anderson

Dear Ms. Ipoel:

Congratulations! On behalf of the MBA Admissions Committee, it is my pleasure to offer you admission to the MBA Program at UCLA Anderson for fall 2007. You were selected from a large and exceptional group of applicants based on your impressive academic, career and personal accomplishments. I am delighted to extend a warm welcome to you and look forward to having you join the MBA Class of 2009.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Oh how I wish my apartment looks like this.. I do have the same wall colours sans all the fancy furniture and colors.
I have been enlightened! Sure I'm going to live a life of misery while waiting for B school results.. But at least I can now do what I have wanted to do while busy preparing my application :
1. Read novels and finance books
2. Paint my kitchen
3. Decorate my studio ( ie. paint a big painting, paint the door frame )
4. yoga -ing
5. play with paris more

Facial at Skin Haven

On Sunday, Natasha and I went to have a facial at SkinHaven.
It's a really pretty place.. and the facial is really relaxing.. Now I have problems of having lots of black heads n white heads and I'm not 100% satisfied with the facial.. but I'll give them A+++ for the relaxation.. Anyway they are a SPA place.. not a dermatologist

My First Day as a Free Woman

No more essays bogging me down.. well there's that one recommendation not in but I can talk to my recommender about it. He's been very helpful to me and he himself is applying to B school this year.

Only half a day that I have started waiting on my results and already, I feel restless.

What if I don't get into Anderson... I think I won't get into Anderson... Why did I submit it so early ( R1, coz I'm impatient and I don't like to wait )

Maybe I should take a long vacation.. OH wait.. It's exactly one month from now.. I think I should take one month vacation or make it two months.. where I have no access to internet wat so ever... That'll be nice.


Monday, December 18, 2006

All Done

Finally I have submitted the last application for B School in 2006 to Columbia. Everything is done now but I don't feel like partying.. All the worries are dragging me down... I didn't know that UCLA's annoucement is for January 19.. I thought it was for January 29..

I don't think I can handle this.. I think I should go home Indonesia for vacation soon.. SIGH

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Decision is In

I meant my decision to not apply for Wharton and Yale :)

Monday, December 11, 2006

Paris is alright

Talked to Natasha about Paris' condition and she said he's probably just feel tired from the lack of sleep and the upset stomach...

I'm like : yeahh I'm gonna bring him to vet tomorrow, was thinking of bringing him in but Emergency wait can lasts for hours..

Nat : That's hardly an emergency..
Ip : That's not?
Nat : NOOO.. that's just lack of sleep and food
Ip : oh okay..

Working at Home

The beauty of Remote Desktop Connection.. Here I am 2.45pm still at my apartment. Staring at the lovely weather outside, ocassionaly taking a break by walking my dog, Paris, while walking to the fridge every hour or so...

I had a sore throat last night and decided that if today I don't feel better, I will work from home. Not because I am scared of infecting others if I go to work. More like : I don't want to get infected by others. I'd say 40% people in my company is down with flu/sore throat/ cold.. I don't plan to join them, so I'll stay at home.

A few months ago I had flu twice and each time it cost me 2 weeks.. So please understand my paranoia

And after all, Paris is sick with diarrhea. He's been sleeping the whole day since the morning tha t I have to go to him once a while and make sure that he's still alive ( another paranoia that I have ) and yes I had just walked to Paris again, checked that he's breathing, and return to writing.

Anyway, Paris has been having diarrhea for 2 days now. Yesterday it wasn't so bad so I didn't think much of it. It's coz I had changed his food ( to DUck and rice from Lamb and rice ) and I thought it was okay for me to completely change his food.. Turns out no..

But yeah last night, he slept at about midnight. 1.30am he woke me up with his whining, had to go to him, open his crate and let him poop.. Gross.. but then okay once more at early morning.. and he kept on whining non-stop..
The poor baby...

He hasn't drink anything today.. So im getting really worried... I even tried to spoon him some water but he refused to...

Worried.. worried worried...

Second Thought

I'm not sure if I should apply to Yale and Wharton... Should I .. Should I not...
Should I?
Should I not?
I want to specialize in Entrepreneurship, so Wharton is a good choice.

Yale has a good reputation and top 20 school...

Should I ?

Saturday, December 9, 2006

My Life, My Spoiled Dog

I usually gave Paris to eat Nutro Lamb and Rice dried food, however I just found out that he could be allergic to his food.

Recently I came across an emailing list for coton de tulear where a well known breeder had said that :
if your dog is chewing or licking his paws, it's most probably because he is allergic to his food

And Natasha had told me that her other dog is also very sensitive to food and her vet told her to feed the dog either duck or salmon.

Let me repeat that : DUCK or SALMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So my journey to Petco started, where I picked a Natural Balance DUCK and rice dried food for him.

HELL............. I don't even eat duck once a week..

Oh well, my friend has told me that Paris' eye stains seem better after Paris eat the new food.

Me, Myself, and I

I think I am crazy. I've just been reading all the MBA blog out there about B school applicant this year. And there are people out there with 2.5 years working experience interviewed by top B school and was told : you're kinda lacking work experience..

And I think : I only have one year working experience.. 1 year 1 month a few weeks to be exact

Am I missing something here?

I'm probably just missing some screws up there but oh well I am a stubborn person.

When asked by my mom : what are u going to do if you get rejected again?
Answer : apply again next year
Mom : WHATT? When are you going to get married??

-> Typical Indonesian mother.. sigh.. she basically just want to marry me off and make sure I have kids before I'm 30

Ohh well..... I'm getting all nervous now

UCLA : checked , expecting answer Jan 29. Frigging nervous about this coz this is like my #1 choice and the only school I have a chance to go too.. other than USC but that's a diff story
USC: submitted
NYU Stern : V. V. doubtful I can get in , especially with the limited reapplication essay. But I've submitted this one too
Haas Berkeley : Just submitted this a few hours ago. Pretty much wasting my $175, remembering Jett had told me they don't really like to admit people with less than 3 years working experience

So I still have columbia, yale, wharton. I deserve a break .. just today.. I'll start writing again tomorrow... Remembering I'm going to mammoth in 2 weeks time and before I know it , it'll be new year and then another application deadline..


Friday, December 8, 2006

xmas is coming

With Xmas coming, and the xmas office party just around the corner.. I suddenly had a ZIT on my forehead!! A gigantic zit....

I had not have a gigantic acne for monthssssssssssss.......... more than 6 months at least

this sux..

i blame this to cashew nuts in my salad, stress, working late night on my essays every single day

About the schools

So I've decided the schools I'm going to apply to :
1. Columbia
2. UCLA Anderson
3. Berkeley Haas
4. USC Marshall
5. NYU Stern
6. U Penn Wharton
7. Yale SOM

Wow! Seven schools.. Didn't realize that I'm going to apply to that many schools.

SO I've submitted to 3 of them
UCLA, USC, Stern

One more (Haas ) is imminent, and three more by first week of January(Wharton, SOM, Columbia)

I am lucky enough to have the help of Natasha, my best friend since I was 14, and Tracie, my co-worker as well as Tao. My english is sooooooo bad... even grammar and all .. that I don't know what I'll do without their help

But yeah we'll se how this goes..

Wednesday, December 6, 2006


Okay so Berkeley next. Haas is like the hardest school I'm going to apply to..

Okay, not necessarily true. But remembering how they want students with at least 3 years working experience (HA!) I'm not even sure why I'm applying

But anyway here I am, every single night sitting in front of my lap top ( instead of watching Victoria's Secret Fashion show ) : pressing non-stops the letterwords trying to make sense :

what's my most significant accomplishment ?
what's my fave quote and why?
show a time when I have been creative.. ( H-A-R-D)
have i visited haas...

and those are only the short questions ( 250 word max )
let's not forget the usual short and long term goal as well as the leadership essays.

If I have to rank my top three choices.. I'd say Anderson, Columbia.. and something else...
But who am I kidding? I might have already wasted another year applying to B school, remembering what a bad year this has been.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Business School Application

I've decided to come out of my closet and said it out loud to the whole world :

I am applying to top 15 business schools despite my currently only 1 year working experience and a 670 GMAT


So let's get into the details of applying...
I've submitted a re-application for UCLA Anderson about a month ago. Yes I'm crazy I know I have no working experience but last year I got waitlisted for UCLA ( MIRACLE!) with just 2 months of working experience... SO i say : WTH.. what have I got to lose ( except for time and $1000++)

Right now I'm scurrying for the USC and NYU's December 1st deadline.. I did the NYU Stern's infamous essay #3.. I must say my work was not spectacular but hopefully it will show a glimpse of my life...

Of course there's the leadership questions.. which I found to be really hard to do with my lack of working experience and my love-hate relationship (MORE hate than love ) with work..

More on this later though.. I must now start hating work again by actually working

Monday, November 27, 2006


hey that rhmes..
after months of studying
and getting high scores on my GMAT preparation test
I did badly in my actual test..

SIGH. i'm really really getting used to failure/bad results...

I guess I'll just my last year's 670 score

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Hey hey..

So last year, right after graduating from UCLA undergrad, I applied to these B schools:
1. NYU - Ding
2. Stanford - Dong
3. Columbia - Ding
4. UCLA - Waitlisted then DING DONG DING

So this year I'm going to apply again. Rethinking about my strategies of applying, applying to more schools, ensuring that I am more involved with my current work..

In this blog, sometimes I'll also share my passion on food, my dog Paris, and other rambling..