Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Business School Application

I've decided to come out of my closet and said it out loud to the whole world :

I am applying to top 15 business schools despite my currently only 1 year working experience and a 670 GMAT


So let's get into the details of applying...
I've submitted a re-application for UCLA Anderson about a month ago. Yes I'm crazy I know I have no working experience but last year I got waitlisted for UCLA ( MIRACLE!) with just 2 months of working experience... SO i say : WTH.. what have I got to lose ( except for time and $1000++)

Right now I'm scurrying for the USC and NYU's December 1st deadline.. I did the NYU Stern's infamous essay #3.. I must say my work was not spectacular but hopefully it will show a glimpse of my life...

Of course there's the leadership questions.. which I found to be really hard to do with my lack of working experience and my love-hate relationship (MORE hate than love ) with work..

More on this later though.. I must now start hating work again by actually working

Monday, November 27, 2006


hey that rhmes..
after months of studying
and getting high scores on my GMAT preparation test
I did badly in my actual test..

SIGH. i'm really really getting used to failure/bad results...

I guess I'll just my last year's 670 score

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Hey hey..

So last year, right after graduating from UCLA undergrad, I applied to these B schools:
1. NYU - Ding
2. Stanford - Dong
3. Columbia - Ding
4. UCLA - Waitlisted then DING DONG DING

So this year I'm going to apply again. Rethinking about my strategies of applying, applying to more schools, ensuring that I am more involved with my current work..

In this blog, sometimes I'll also share my passion on food, my dog Paris, and other rambling..