Friday, July 17, 2009

Jakarta Bombing on Two Luxury Hotels: Marriott and Ritz-Carlton

I am vacationing in my home town when this morning, I received news about two subsequent bombings in Jakarta's luxury hotel: JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton. Nine were pronounced dead and 50+ injured during this bombing attack. It's a sudden flashback on the previous 2003 bombing at JW Marriott where my friend was having a meal at Marriott and the bombing occurred (thankfully she is fine).

It's been 4 years since the last bombing in Indonesia had occurred and we are again reminded that this country may not be as safe as we had believed. Some says that this occurrence is related to the recent president election but again who knows for now.

Some pictures of this attack from an Indonesian website here.

*picture shown is courtesy from

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Business Idea?

There are some arguments that said Business schools make entrepreneurs-wannabe to be scared to start their own businesses instead of prepare them. I can see that. When researching about starting an online jewelry site that sells bangles/bracelet to small wrist women (because i have a 5 1/4" wrist whereas an average size in US is 6.5") make me analyze the market (google trend, google search volume), create financial projections ( look into search marketing and potential click through to my website etc etc). And in the end leave me to conclude that there is too small a market for me to try.

Now when I start telling my friends/ fellow small wrist women about this idea, they say they LOVE and welcome the possibility to finally purchase a small bangle and would love to invest in my idea..

How about that?

I'm on to my next idea .. which this time will not be bursted by too much over analysis..

Friday, July 10, 2009

update for my UCLA Anderson MBA blog

Yes I owe you guys a ton of updates.. i cannot believe that the last I update was before I went to business school and now I've graduated..

Well let's see where to start.. I went in to UCLA Anderson in 2007.. looked into going into i-banking, consulting etc and decided that I didn't want to do any of those. I somehow ended up in a top high tech firm and loved my summer internship experience there. I was doing finance in the firm and love the fast paced high tech world in comparison to my old job and I'm going to return to the company to work in August! Thank God for the job offer.. it has really been tough this year to get a job for MBA students. I wouldn't be surprised if only about 60% of the '09 graduates have jobs by now.

Another update is that I will be staying in US for a lil bit longer than expected before.. I was planning to return straight to my home country but decided to extend a lil bit in US.. maybe permanently .. we'll let you know..

I'm still pursuing my entrepreneurial interest and hopefully will be able to start something before I turn 30..

So that's the super short update that I have for now, if you have any question at all.. feel free to drop me a comment!