Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cleaning Up my Closet

Okay 'tis bigger than my closet.. it's my whole room.. In my three years absence.. I had managed to stack all documents and stuff (3 years or 4 years old) in the drawers, cupboard, desk in my bedroom in Indonesia. Last weekend, I've decided to clean them all out.. guess what I've found : my acceptance letter to UCLA undergrad dated in 2003, my UCLA orientation binder from 2003, my junior highschool grade reports HAHAHA.. I have lots of junks there...

but it makes me nostalgic that hey once more I'm at the same turning point in my life where I'm going to US for school.. pretty crazy.. Also remembered that in 2003, before school started, I had decided to perm my hair ( a decision which I had just repeated a few weeks ago and I have been regretting ever since ).. bad hair day for the next 6 months!!!

Anyway, life's good! My last day at work today, will get my salary in hard cash (coz I have no saving account here :P) and hopefully not spend it all out in one weekend.. This weekend is going to be an interesting one though ;) I shall NOT update you guys hahaha ..

Happy fall!

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dream_er said...

hi...goodluck with your mba soon!