Saturday, August 18, 2007

dya believe in Horoscope?


The Bottom Line

Unpredictable changes will make this day different from the day you planned.

In Detail

Today will start off like a cuddly lamb, but it could evolve into a growling lion before you realize it. Unpredictable changes will pop up throughout the day, which could send you down a much different path than you've mapped out. Luckily, these changes will create some amusing moments in your day, so you won't mind altering your plans too much. Expect someone to offer you an apology when none was necessary -- assure them that they don't need to feel bad.


Manish said...

never believed in horoscopes previously - but ur are definitely a soothsayer :-)

ipoel said...

haha that was crazy.. i totally didnt see that horoscope thing before my previous post